Hyundai Initiates Voluntary Program to Adjust Fuel Economy Ratings

Comprehensive Reimbursement Program Available to Affected Current and Former Hyundai Owners

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The Details of Hyundai Fuel Economy Ratings

Procedural errors at Hyundai’s testing operations in Korea led to incorrect fuel economy ratings for approximately 600,000 Hyundai vehicles sold between 2010 and 2012. As part of our corrective actions, we plan to reimburse you for additional fuel costs incurred to date, and in the future. Click for more information on Hyundai fuel economy ratings. We sincerely apologize for these errors, and our top priority is to make things right for you.

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Which Models Are Affected?

Find Hyundai vehicle models affected by the fuel economy rating change.

The information you provide pursuant to this Hyundai MPG Information website will not be shared, sold or distributed to anyone except as necessary to fulfill your requests for reimbursement.  However, we may continue to share your information or may communicate with you as to other matters relevant to Hyundai or our affiliates as we have previously communicated to you per our privacy policies and other notices provided to you by Hyundai and our affiliates.

Reimbursement Estimator

This estimator applies to the current lifetime reimbursement program only. A more in-depth website dedicated to the lump sum settlement will be available in the future.