Reimbursement Estimator

Hyundai is putting in place a reimbursement program for affected past and current Hyundai vehicle owners to cover the additional fuel costs associated with the fuel economy rating adjustment. Customers will receive a personalized debit card that will reimburse their difference in the EPA combined fuel economy rating.  Reimbursement amount is based on (1) 2012 average fuel prices for their geographic area; (2) mileage accrued by the owner;  (3) change in combined (city/hwy) EPA estimates for their vehicle; and (4) fuel grade (regular or premium) recommended for their vehicle. Current owners are eligible for subsequent reimbursements as frequently as desired for as long as they own the vehicle. Prior owners of affected vehicles who have already sold their cars will also be reimbursed using the same Hyundai fuel ratings reimbursement calculations.

Fuel Reimbursement Example: