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Fact Sheets and Backgrounders:

  • FACT SHEET: Hyundai Settlement with the U.S. EPA
  • BACKGROUNDER: U.S. EPA Fuel Economy Testing
  • FACT SHEET: Coastdown Facts
  • BACKGROUNDER: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standard and Credits
  • BACKGROUNDER: Fuel Economy Ratings

Further reading about the current method through which the EPA calculates fuel economy and regulates automakers in their reporting of fuel economy ratings:

  • EPA Fuel Economy Explained, from How Stuff Works
  • The MPG Gap: Some window stickers promise too much, from Consumer Reports
  • The Truth About EPA City / Highway MPG Estimates, from Car and Driver
  • Mileage Moment of Truth: We Put 40 MPG Claims to the Test, from Popular Mechanics
  • Automakers Get Caught Not Breaking EPA Rules, from BloombergView

Further reading regarding Hyundai’s leading fuel economy:

  • Automaker Rankings 2014: The Environmental Performance of Car Companies | Hyundai-Kia is the Greenest Automaker, though all automakers have improved their environmental performance, from the Union of Concerned Scientists
    • Also available in PDF for download
  • PDF: EPA Fuel Economy Trends Report, as of October 2014
  • Hyundai Ranks as Most Fuel-Efficient U.S. Automaker for 2013, But the EPA Won’t Say So, from Yahoo! Autos | Motoramic
  • A Fuel Cell Vehicle Test Drive: The 2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, from the Union of Concerned Scientists | The Equation
  • Technology Propels Fuel Economy Average to Record 24.1 mpg, EPA Says, from Automotive News
  • EPA: Most Automakers Gain in ’13 Fuel Economy, from Wards Auto
  • Mileage March on Schedule, EPA Says, from Automotive News
  • 2013 Vehicles Most Fuel-Efficient Yet, from USA Today
  • Hyundai-Kia, the EPA, and 100 Million Reasons to Take Fuel Economy Testing Seriously, from the Union of Concerned Scientists
  • A Journey Home for Peanuts in the New 2017 Hyundai Elantra Eco – Test Drive & Review, from, by Malcolm Hogan, May 2016